This is actually the first stanza of a piece of slam poetry my friend and I also wrote and performed at our school’s rendition of TED Talks.

Over lunch 1 day, we discovered we shared a common passion—an insistence on equality in every forms, feminism in particular. We discussed the difficulty of combating social issues, but agreed that spreading awareness was one method that is effective. This casual exchange evolved into a project involving weeks of collaboration.

We realized that together we could make a far greater impact than we ever might have individually, so we composed a ten-minute poem geared towards inspiring people to consider important issues. We began by drafting stanzas, simultaneously editing one another’s writing, and soon after progressed to memorization, practicing together until our alternating lines flowed and phrases spoken together were completely synchronized. The performance was both successful and memorable, but more importantly, this collaboration motivated us to maneuver forward to establish the Equality Club at our school.

Sophomore year, our club volunteered with organizations gender that is promoting, the highlight of the year helping at a marathon for recovering abuse victims. Junior year, we met with this head of school to convey our goals, outline plans and gain support for the year that is coming in which we held fundraisers for refugees while educating students.