Your manuscript must be a concern for publication in Tobacco Control

  • In the event that video clip shows any recognizable living clients and/or recognizable personal statistics, writers need certainly to demonstrate that permission is obtained. In case a patient permission kind ended up being given to the relevant article, you don’t have to give this once again for the movie.
  • Please utilize the compression parameters that movie sharing web sites utilize. Frequently they are standard options from your editing pc computer computer software. a guide that is comprehensive offered by the vimeo web site.

Videos are way too big to e-mail therefore will have to be uploaded to BMJ’s account regarding the Hightail internet site. Please through the journal’s name along with your manuscript ID number within the message field – this will allow us to fit your movie to your paper. Your video clip has to be gotten by the right time that you get back the corrections for the article evidence, at the really latest.