Afghan Village Uses Live Rockets to Build Homes, Bridges

For a long time in a village that is small north Afghanistan’s Balkh province, a large number of families have actually resided in one single- and two-story houses made of ammo, where 3-meter-long real time rockets are employed as ceiling beams.

The villagers now want the Afghan government to remove the weapons after a few explosions.

Qand Agha, leader of Qazi Abad town, told VOA that a few folks have been killed or wounded as the rockets have actually exploded.

«A villager had been killed when he ended up being wanting to go and put among the rockets on their house’s roof,» Agha stated.

VIEW: Afghan Villagers Use Live Rockets to Develop Homes, Bridges

About 400 Russian-made BM-21 rockets have now been utilized as beams within an estimated 40 homes. Villagers attempted to keep consitently the weapons a key simply because they failed to desire to lose the materials because of their homes, but regular explosions forced them to share with the us government.