A bride-to-be is asking strangers on the world wide web to prepare all facets of her wedding

Caption Jen Glantz is strangers that are having her wedding. Source Thanks To Jen Glantz

  • After attending a huge selection of weddings along with her company, Bridesmaid for Hire, Jen Glantz is welcoming strangers to prepare every part of her wedding.
  • On her behalf internet site, Finally the Bride, it is possible to vote about what time of the year she’s going to get married, where she’ll say “I do, ” and what kind of gown she’s going to wear.
  • To date, strangers are determined Glantz cannot elope and that her wedding must price between $15,000 and $30,000.
  • Glantz told Insider she had been influenced to hold out of the test because brides already have little control of their wedding times.
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Simply 2 days after getting involved, Jen Glantz had a brilliant concept.

She had been having a manicure whenever complete stranger saw her band and instantly established into a tirade of wedding advice – through the true wide range of bridesmaids she need to how any way you like flower crowns are.