Exactly about Yellow Fever: Dating As an Asian Woman

Initially posted on Persephone and cross-posted right right here with regards to permission.

I happened to be IMing with a buddy recently about some guy she’s got an unrequited crush on. She had been definitely smitten, but thoroughly believing that he might have nothing in connection with her.

Whenever I asked her why, she heaved huge Web *SIIIIIIGH* and said, “Ugh, well he just dates Asian girls. You’re therefore happy you’re Asian! ”

I do believe now’s the right time for you to talk about just how “lucky” we Asian ladies may be within the dating globe.

I’m proud to be A asian girl and to check the way in which i actually do. It took a little while getting right here since no body from the OC or One Tree Hill seemed just like me once I ended up being growing up, but i will be finally satisfied with the way in which We look.

My problem with as an Asian girl and attempting to date has less related to my perception of myself, and every thing related to just how i will be addressed and sensed by males, especially non-Asian guys.

Fulfilling brand brand new individuals in a intimate feeling is problematic for anybody.