You plan to have sex, how regularly you have sex and not necessarily how much sex you have how you best take PrEP depends on how far in advance

The 4 approaches to simply simply take PrEP.

The manner in which you bring your PrEP relies on:

  • what lengths ahead of time you want on making love
  • just just how frequently you have got intercourse.

It will not always be determined by just exactly just how sex that is much have actually.

Switching between dosing options

We recommend day-to-day PrEP for many trans individuals utilizing hormones therapy even as we don’t have actually adequate data to aid other dosing options.

Switching between dosing options to fit your sexual intercourse and habits is completely okay. You are able to adjust your PrEP regime to ideal suit you as the situation modifications.

  • On Demand dosing (or occasion Based Dosing) and 4 pills per are methods suitable only for anal sex week.
  • Regular PrEP and getaway PrEP would be the only types of using PrEP being suited to both anal and genital or front intercourse.

We all know that at the least 6 pills each week is necessary for adequate security for vaginal or front intercourse.

Everyday PrEP (1 supplement day that is per routine

The time that is lead-in day-to-day PrEP is 1 week. It’s ideal for both anal and vaginal or front intercourse.

Regular PrEP is better taken during the time that is same time therefore it becomes element of your routine, however a few hours later or early is okay.

You can easily maintain your PrEP next to your brush and enamel paste and just take your capsule each after cleaning your teeth morning. Small things such as this will allow you to don’t forget to simply take your PrEP.

You are able to simply take PrEP with or without meals, and also at any moment associated with time.