Wellness Myth: really do men Think About Intercourse Every 7 Moments?

Certain, males can think with only 1 thing at a right time: their minds or their penises. But exactly how much does the latter really run the show?

Fast: What are you currently contemplating right now? Well, considering the fact that you are looking over this article, it is most likely sex. But there is a chance that is good had been considering it anyhow. Most likely, guys think of intercourse every seven moments, appropriate?

That is a lot more than 500 times hour and more than 8,000 times through the roughly 16 hours you are awake. We are able to just imagine exactly just how those figures fluctuate while sleeping.

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But there’s no genuine research to back up this oft-cited stat. And even though people usually attribute the myth to analyze because of the Kinsey Institute, the *actual *research suggests that while men think of intercourse a great deal (and yes, more regularly than ladies), every seven moments is just a gross exaggeration.